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2004 's hit ********** Wind of flower (Hana Kaze) Song data (in Japanese) 2004 's hit ********** Bag (Kaban) Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** Andromeda Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** A butterfly end (Tyoutyo musubi) Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** The hairline at the back of the neck (Eriashi) Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** By next time (Kondo madeniha) Song data (in Japanese) 2001 's hit ********** First love (Hatsu koi) Song data (in Japanese) 2000 's hit ********** A season of the cherry blossom (Sakura no toki) Song data (in Japanese) 2000 's hit ********** Boyfriend Song data (in Japanese) 1999 's hit ********** Beetle (Kabuto mushi) Song data (in Japanese)

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ipod of Apple company is extreme popularity in Japan. A lot of people use service of iTunes. The tool to hear music in going out was Walkman of Sony in old days, but it seems to have been reversed by it. The culture that I buy a song in Internet thanks to iTunes and download begins to seep.
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