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1999 's hit ********** A thread of deep forest (Zyukai no ito) Song data (in Japanese) 1998 's hit ********** Fragile and powerful human (Tsuyoku hakanai mono tachi) Song data (in Japanese)

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I owned a thing of a feeling such as the picture book that a story advanced with a photograph of a puppet play in a childhood. The subject of the book was the content that made SAIYU-KI a parody. And I thought when mysterious in a juvenile mind, but a face of the doll which appeared looked just like five people of The Drifters for some reason. Chosuke Ikariya, wild boar eight commandments consider it to have been Nakamoto construction Ken Shimura, three official storehouses Buddhist priest Son-Goku. The position of Kato tea forgot it. I did not understand it whether it was a picture book of The drifters tie up as expected or whether I of those days made them who were extreme popularity a motif freely in those days. But the mystery was removed thanks to Blog. No, I am glad when ..., a mystery of many years are removed. By the way, a theme song seems to be pink lady . Oh, learn it by hearing, and there is "Nin Niki Niki Niki Nin Niki Niki Niki Nininga Sanzo" three official storehouses then is!
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