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2001 's hit ********** Lucky pool Song data (in Japanese) 1998 's hit ********** A walk road (Sanpo michi) Song data (in Japanese) 1997 's hit ********** Whale 12 (Kujira 12 gou) Song data (in Japanese) 1997 's hit ********** LOVER SOUL Song data (in Japanese) 1996 's hit ********** Freckle (Sobakasu) Song data (in Japanese) 1996 's hit ********** Classical music Song data (in Japanese) 1995 's hit ********** Over Drive Song data (in Japanese)

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This blog contain information of popular singer, song writer, and musician who is active (or was ever active) in Japan.
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A lot of hit songs do love in a theme. Above all, a song of broken heart is popularity. It may be to like a Japanese hears that kind of song, and getting catharsis.
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