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2002 's hit ********** Unbalance Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** sayonara sayonara Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** ??? Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** earth blues - 337 - (Chikyuu blues - 337 -) Song data (in Japanese) 2001 's hit ********** Christmas Eve RAP Song data (in Japanese)

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Two people of the laughter combination Tetsu and attendant whom is in anything, and is familiar in ... as artist name "Tetsu-Tomo" on July 21 a new song "hey is ". It seems to have released. Originally I have heard the story that wanted to become a singer, but seem to "sing by seriousness" (mazi) this time. I think that it is not so sweet, but will the times when roads from a laughter to a singer open out come?
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