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2001 's hit ********** ZERO LANDMINE Song data (in Japanese)

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The event that made global warming a theme in Pacifico Yokohama for three days for 8-10 days seems to be held in October. A performer is a morning coat daughter. / Eco-Moni. / Natsumi Abe / Maki Goto / Aya Matsuura /W/ Biyu-Den / melon memorial day / country daughter. It seems to be /Berryz studio / Cute/ Yuko Nakazawa / Kaori Iida / Masato Yaguchi / Kei Yasuda / Takako Inaba / Ayaka / Yuki Maeda (there is possibility of a change). A morning coat daughter. "living cheering party "team -6%" of Wa" seem to participate in a campaign of other Ministry of the Environment. By an allied event of the Kyoto Protocol, it seems to have been held last year. There was a report of one participated in to 2004 school festivals.
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