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2004 's hit ********** Hope - Yell - (Kibou - Yell -) Song data (in Japanese) 2004 's hit ********** The red burning sun (Akaku moyuru taiyou) Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** News Japan (News Nippon) Song data (in Japanese)

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"Hideki KANGEKI!" Familiar in? I know whether it is hit music "Garan-do" of Hideki Saijo , what kind of meaning and do increase? There was the one that put the reasoning on argument in pursuit of this mystery. Judging from a conclusion "Garan-do" = "Gal and Do!." In fact, I knew it because program, I whom Hideki talked to watched this omission (an answer) accidently. By the way, a thing of & Brothers quits, and words composition of this music gets on which skipped a hit in "Dan thing all night", and it seems to be.
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