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I understood that those "1,000,000 roses" sang when I examined Mr. Tokiko Kato who sang when able to "fly in this sky". It is a song of the lyrics to "give a flower of 1,000,000 roses to you to you to you". I liked an atmosphere this song, but knew only a part of rust. I looked at the lyrics by this investigation and came to like more. I bury an open space I buy a rose in a town, and the poor painter who did unrequited love makes it for an actress, and to be seen from a window of her house and make it. Reject it, and she considers it to be whimsical mischief of some money durability. A painter was not able to say that it was one's idea. On the contrary, I was not able to confide a feeling to her. It is absorbed by another town, and an actress lives, and a poor painter sends the lonely life after all. And a memory of 1,000,000 roses won through up to a heart of an actress forever. Originally it seems to be a Russian song. And it is said to be painter Nico Prosmani a model. I am really in love with a woman saying margarita, and an episode to be said to have presented a rose in a town seems to be left.
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