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2004 's hit ********** OH JAPAN - OUR TIME IS NOW - Song data (in Japanese)

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The Prunus armeniaca of plump ears which are said to bring good luck and wealth which I watched a promotion video somewhere accidently and came to like seems to have done the old days, a vocal of a belt of bar B boys . I love the unique singing voice that thus there is you forcefully, and seem to be a woman of Prunus armeniaca, but will it be for the bar B boys times to sing in that voice? Kana ` which will try to buy a CD because I am interested a little. I felt the thing which was considerably attracted in plump ears which are said to bring good luck and wealth if I said so because Masayoshi Yamazaki liked it, but noticed that I had still heard only music of the promotion video directly. When it will not check this either, I am not good, and it is.
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