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2001 's hit ********** I have tomorrow (Ashita ga arusa) Song data (in Japanese) 1997 's hit ********** Pretty woman (Kawaii hito) Song data (in Japanese) 1996 's hit ********** It is gut!! (Gut daze) Song data (in Japanese) 1996 's hit ********** Banzai - It is good that I love you - (Banzai - suki de yokatta -) Song data (in Japanese)

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The movie which Rimi Natsukawa, and did hit music of of the lyrics which "tears seem to comply" with (I will seem to start it) to a motif seems to be made. When a star does not Satoshi, it is Nagasawa . BEGIN, words are Mr. Yoshiko Moriyama who is mother of Naotarou composition "tears comply, so". Mr. Yoshiko Moriyama read a script of this movie and seems to have wept bitterly. It is interesting that a song becomes a theme, and a movie is made. The lyrics would include power to give a scriptwriter inspiration. I Rimi Natsukawa if I say so, and I sing, and rises by "love / the earth in theme song "" of winning" it. Will you begin a hit song of 2005?
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