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2004 's hit ********** Tears (Namida) Song data (in Japanese) 2004 's hit ********** Bump to you (Kimi ni bump) Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** Summer memory (Natsu no omoide) Song data (in Japanese) 2003 's hit ********** Sign of opening (Hajimari no aizu) Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** Flowers and birds poetic genius (Kachou fugetsu) Song data (in Japanese) 2002 's hit ********** Friends (Tomodachi) Song data (in Japanese)

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Two people of which worked out and if I said so married an actress. Honami Suzuki and Noritake Kinashi are with Shigemi Yasuda Mr. Takaaki Ishibashi. which makes an actress a wife by a combination is terrible if I think now. By the way, it seems to have been a combination name of Takaaki & Noritake before these two people.
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