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2004 's hit ********** The song of joy (Yorokobi no uta) Song data (in Japanese)

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Do you know music of the lyrics of ... which ... liquor to be able to drink which liquor can swallow up can swallow up? I hear this song in the days of a child and remember that I rolled with laughter. Father of a drinker lifts an event in each moon of December since January, and it is the lyrics of contents to be pleased with what can swallow up liquor by the reason of it. Condition of which liquor can swallow up by flower viewing in April" which liquor can swallow up in New Year holidays in January." The time with much distortion has reality strangely gradually. Because a typhoon comes in September in August because it is hot and hey which liquor can swallow up though there is nothing" is due in November ;-) It is medium and small-sized business orchestra Barracuda that sing this. I pun, and a group name increases, too!
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