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1999 's hit ********** Friends Song data (in Japanese) 1988 's hit ********** One More Kiss Song data (in Japanese) 1987 's hit ********** Monotone boy Song data (in Japanese) 1986 's hit ********** Friends Song data (in Japanese) 1986 's hit ********** Raspberry dream Song data (in Japanese) 1986 's hit ********** Lonely butterfly Song data (in Japanese) 1985 's hit ********** Friends Song data (in Japanese)

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The Takahashi truth Nashigo which let "a pink sigh" make a hit seems to have been a vocal for the second generation of Pedro & Capricious . It was a name named Mari Takahashi in those days. A leader of this belt is Pedro Mr. Umemura, and Capricious seems to be a meaning of "a whim shop". 30 passes since the time that splashed hit music of "towns of a positive shadow", but now it is to be active while replacing a member
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