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Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEYS
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1995 's hit ********** Try me - Believe me - (Try me - Watashi wo shinjite -) Song data (in Japanese)

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Of "the red bird" which is a forerunner of high phi set previously || when "gave a wing", and liked, wrote it, but Kaori Kawamura covered it. When I picked quarrel in old days, and I sympathized with the lyrics directly particularly, and there "was a wing to oneself" because it was a physical science thought, I did not think what. This turn, and which an image of the girl whom sit down on a window of a classroom, and watch and the sky during a class floats sleeps || in the case of me. I think that there was a thing such as admiration for the girl who seems to think about that kind of thing. Thus it is the song which it came to like.
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