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Hiroshi Madoka
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1979 's hit ********** Dream flower (Musou bana) Song data (in Japanese)

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Recently I collected hit song information all the time, but laughed to yen Hiroshi most. Yen Hiroshi is a singer of Kansai starting hit music of "a dream flower" when I will introduce it as an introduction for the time being. Even if it is said "a dream flower", I may not get a hint, but it is that song of the lyrics of "... which it flies, and it flies, and it flies, and it flies and turns around and turns around and turns around, and turn around". I appeared and at first have laughed by a name of an official site. I "fly net" ;-) And position office "flies in an office Co., Ltd.", and it is anything which must be going to let you laugh. Furthermore, the meaning did not understand that "a fish-shaped wooden drum cannot beat a fan site anymore", but fitted in strangely. And I am full of it, and keeping it is this site. Yes, I understand a feeling well. ... that Fumi Umezawa man , shine whether they say.
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