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Mariko Takahashi
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1994 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese) 1992 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese) 1984 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese)

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What I examined leave the position to a flow in a famous tune today, and is the Theresa ten that I had it for. I die in 1995. It seems to be ten years after dying this year. I did not know it. That I left the world with youth of 42 years old. In addition to mother country China, it was singers active abroad such as Japan or America, but there seems to have been much hardship. Such a girlfriend "I am Chinese". I am world where and leave a word to be Chinese. It is always active by a pride for an own country by a chest.
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