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Yuko Yamaguchi
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I put Imo Kin trio and from a program of "! which I will try in large quantities of Kin" of Fuji TV, and pan trio appears. Mr. Ryoichi Yamaguchi, Mr. Koji Nishiyama, Imo Kin trio of Mr. Kenji Nagae that a popular corner in a program came out of "a child of the child normal that a good kid is bad" are famous for "a high school lullaby". I take this name out of "a Kin trio of Ta" ( Toshihiko Tahara , Mr. Yoshio Nomura, Masahiko Kondo ), but seem to take it out of "YMO" one more. The reason will be because YMO is readable with "Imo". On the other hand, Mr. Naomi Matsui, Mr. Etsuko Ikuta, Koyanagi went (Yukimi Koyanagi), and I put it, and a pan trio seems to have come out of "OL that OL that good OL was bad was general" which 3 did of.
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