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Tetsuya Komuro
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1990 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese) 1989 's hit ********** RUNNING TO HORIZON Song data (in Japanese)

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If it says in the days of "Carol of Christmas", it is Mr. Junichi Inagaki. In the days of a high school student, there was the time when this music spun around in a head. Though who sang and did not know it whether it was either and understood only a part of rust, I was already stuck to a head all the time and increased. When I appeared and that kind of time passed and became a university student and completely forgot it, I found a single CD of in the days of "Carol of Christmas" in a being secondhand CD shop. It was buying immediately. It was a Mr. Junichi Inagaki what it heard few name then. I still liked it, and smelled it and appeared, and there were season and the time that sang in instrumental accompaniment by all means though there was not it concerned when I heard it properly. Because there was an interview article of Mr. Junichi Inagaki, I will link. these days form a belt of Brigh, and it seems to be moved into action.
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