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Yukari Morikawa
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In "television (Fuji TV corollary), I seem to have done an audition to "look for all over Japan Sachiko" so that Mr. Kuniko Yamada did monoManet of Wink a thing of Kuni, more". Because Kuniko was the position who did not Syoko Aida, it recruited Mr. Sachiko Suzuki from an audience. As a result, Mr. Chie Yokoyama from Hiroshima passes it in this place WINK was still formed more. Now Mr. Chie Yokoyama seems to be active in the stage. "More television which is unpleasant" of "it serious matter" and KAN of important MAN Brothers belt else || is the program which invented the hit music "that love wins". I watched it well, too and increased. Of "heart WASH!" and Kaori Kawamura of Mariko Nagai "a wing seem to be the hit song which giving" it was used for by this program.
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