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Toshiyuki Nishida
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1981 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese)

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I have not heard a name of Yukiko Okada till I founded the hit song Information Board. Rejected it, and on investigation a page of many fans was caught in. One of the reason || her last moments || a shock || will be because was it. Mr. Yukiko Okada committed suicide by drowning from a building of position office on April 8, 1986 and I made it 18 years old and seem to have quitted own life. There was consideration of fan. "First Date" of the composition that debut music writes a song of Mariya Takeuchi . I "was in love and began" winning Japanese record grand prix most excellent new face prize music in 1984, and Mariya Takeuchi seems to have been made. A pet name || "Yukko." A smile was impressive and was able to speak a word of "Yukko Smile", too. I can encounter "Yukko Smile" in a page of . (... which will put a mouse on an image) I seem to have longed for the entertainment world ardently, but seem to have shown talent by a picture before it. I am amazed to learn that I drew a thing only of this at the time of junior high student. I may have been completed even if I advanced to a road of a painter because there were many the episodes that were a hard worker.
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