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Seiji Tanaka
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1976 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese)

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It seems to have been moved into action an entertainment since a primary schoolchild Oginome Yoko known as hit music such as "Dan thing hero" or "Roppongi pure heart group". In addition, "Miyuki", and a voice actor acts as an anime of Mitsuru Adachi in, too. I liked "a coffee rumba" (unfortunately I do not appear in the hit song Information Board). Paste of music is good, and the lyrics are the feelings that are Uki-Uki. I was a coffee party, but I had begun to drink it and remembered this song and ordered Moca well. This music, of J.M.Perroni compose words so that "coffee rumba of the love that I drink it cheerily, and will dance to all" is associated, and it seems to be Mr. Seiji Nakazawa that I am Japanese, and did. And Mr. Sachiko Nishida (a wife of Hiroshi Sekiguchi) sings more before than Oginome Yoko. And Yosui Inoue covers it, too.
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