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Tomio Umezawa
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1984 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese) 1983 's hit ********** (Sorry, now translating.) Song data (in Japanese)

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Originally when it was music, I had even a CD radio cassette taperecoder till I became a university student and there was not it, but, instead of reason to know a lot about JPOP, knew the thing of a artist generally because but it was a television child when it was a popular song. But when it was said that live broadcasting played unicorn " by a school festival in the days of a high school student by a friend? It was a feeling. It went, and seems to have been a considerable unicorn -lover, and a too concrete answer did not return even if I heard it what kind of belt it was with, and it was not said in this year to be a somehow legendary belt. I did not somewhat understand that I could smell it in me well, but an impression to be the artist whom awful, was terrible was ticked away. It was "great nuisance" that he played at the time of the school festival. I did not ask you professional flax, and it was shocking to first me to watch the thing which called whether you said live performance live broadcasting. I learned how I felt it about good and bad of a song and did not become precocious, but understood what was terrible as he said somehow. The figure which it sang emotionally while he who was not so existence to stand out in a class usually played the keyboard was so, but it was fresh surprise that a large number of spectators "needed" with his song. I know that Tamio Okuda to catch sight of occasionally on TV after becoming a university student was a member and remember what I buy for "love" in a being secondhand CD shop and heard.
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