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Every Little Thing
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2001 N **********
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"Spring, and unpleasant NHK drama was come", and it did as the dorama "real face" that I sang and stood, and the Shigemi Yasuda which worked as the leading role knew a theme song of "Naushika of a valley of wind" since it was it considerably later. When I married ( and Noritake Kinashi of to work out, I did not know it. B) I do not understand now even if I do even if I try to somewhat examine it in Internet what kind of personality it is. Only an image named "a serious person" stays among me very hard and increases. A marriage partner felt be honesty in those days to be Noritake Kinashi. But (I get possible to understand since the time that noticed that Noritake Kinashi was not an ordinary laughter entertainer.) By the way, "Spring, and a drama came", and then music of the same name of Yumi Matsutoya made a hit. I loved this music, too.
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