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1997 ”N **********
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It is me who learned it in various ways by a program of a folk song special feature as "a strawberry White paper" previously, and it wrote it in a time of, but it is nothing of the music that it "understands" it, and it came to like at the time that does not Akira Inaba. Was an ad lib-like, and imitated whether said if the timing that grew it, and was absorbed by one and the next phrase of a sound every bar was unique while thinking with which was the song that it was difficult rub it, and is. But when become you after being built-up, and heard it by another program, is completely different sang, and did, and was a shock But even the same song is various may be to be the time if sing, and the time is terrible when can. I like more the lyrics. It is the lyrics tickling, a Japanese heart. It is the meaning "that it please understand".
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