Title (Song name)
Choo Choo TRAIN
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Artist (Singer / Group / Unit name)
The hit year
1992 N ********** 1991 N **********
Jpop Topic
The apricot village which sent in a hit of unpleasant "CAT'S EYE" while "hearing Orivia" seems to have married again. A partner is a Lee re-toner of a jazz musician. I'm sorry it seems to be the charisma guitarist whom it is it, and is famous at all what kind of person that is because I am ignorant whether you do not know it. Was a digression, but thought that there was an apricot village when looked at a member of plump ears which are said to bring good luck and wealth for the first time || rub it and ;-) Of a name of Prunus armeniaca (former bar B boys ) was mistake.
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