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Issei Ishida
The hit year
1994 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
Hit music is completely relation || there is not you, but will introduce it because was interesting. I "went on a trip of us", and it seems to have been appeared on "the Prime Minister of a hill Sunset" a drama in an actress the Nana Okada which came out in upper. "The slope of youth" which made a hit in 1976 seems to have been a song of insertion of "our trip". "Our trip" that Masatoshi Nakamura starring sings (music of a drama and the same name) makes a hit in this drama. In addition, music charge of a drama seems to be Transam. Oh, the Nana Okada were the first commercial girls. It is felt the enthusiasm that Ezaki Glico company came to to Pokkiy even if I watch Seiko Matsuta , Toko Kikuchi , Minako Honda , the Yoko Minamino who follow later, the members who said with Makise village ear .
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