Title (Song name)
Fruit of the height of summer (Manatsu no kajitsu)
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Artist (Singer / Group / Unit name)
Southern All Stars
The hit year
1990 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
Though I am not a folk song generation, I love a fork. Originally though I was interested, there was the TV program which I let you take to you before around 4 and introduced 100 pieces of folk songs to and I recorded it on a video and repeated it and heard it and increased. The smelled it, and was liked various music and singers considerably. The one person is Hirofumi Banba . I sang "once more in a strawberry white paper" by the program. Though I had practiced a guitar a little, I was taken care of as an etude then. It seems to be this music, words composition of Yumi Arai (Yumi Matsutoya) . "A strawberry white paper" seems to be an American movie in 1970's and wants to watch the story that made a campus riot a theme.
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