Title (Song name)
A shock of a virgin! (Syozjo teki syogeki)
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Artist (Singer / Group / Unit name)
Shibugaki Tai
The hit year
1983 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
"URINARI of Ucchan-Nanchan!" It was POCKET BISCUITS formed in, a good-lover. It may be for a voice to be powerful unexpectedly of Chiaki to have been good. I liked the lyrics very much, too. An idea is very good than say a poetic sense with ... There was that I was easy to sing and sang in instrumental accompaniment well in those days. Much interest did not rise of the person of BLACK BISCUITS of a rival. "YELLOW YELLOW HAPPY", popularity seem to have met "POWER". Of course it is the song which is good among me. A word loves "Red Angel, too". "Run to town, where where red wind blows" to with.
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