Title (Song name)
Song of love - Theme song of picmin - (Ai no uta - Picmin no theme -)
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Artist (Singer / Group / Unit name)
Strawberry Flowers
The hit year
2002 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
I liked the anime "touch" of Mitsuru Adachi, but whenever it watches a column of Anime songs in instrumental accompaniment, I am worried about "an ace without a uniform number" of back side & lady , and it is phlegm because still it has not watched it to a theater version. Because it was a title to be worried about what whether you said. I appeared and I bought an used CD just recently and heard it. No, ... is good || sleep || the lyrics. Oh, it is sad which drops in mound alone of love while denying a favorite feeling. There was this music favorite person. There is sled. "The touch" hit music that "love said one person" to of Yoshimi Iwazaki appears by a touch elsewhere.
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