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Firefly (Hotaru)
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The hit year
2000 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
I learn it, and is "an at night program of Nippon Television of Hit parade" a trout? I do not Hideyuki Nakayama with Mr. Yuji Miyake, but it is the music program which it presided at. When I was in the parents' house by a program of an interesting concept to sing, I watched music of the someone else that a person of the various artists who came to a guest was in the best ten of the week in a family every week and increased. That SPEED was born from this program if I said so. Namie Amuro and MAX think that this program took a part in Blake. (which appeared as Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEYS in the days of the beginning) I did that the Hiro which was Machiko Watanabe and Marlene, a horn quitted elsewhere and got, and I knew (,Monta & Brothers ), circus and various places of the artist who said thanks to this program. And it is one person more, NOKKO. I am sorry to this person, fan, but call honesty it and || "this person who is anything." I considered it as. Of a new song || sing, and, instead of one, is known so that an interval is funny for some reason. I appeared and thought that she came out by the program for a while with "... which was unpleasant". And NOKKO sang "Friendes" of Rebecca which I formed in a hit chart again once (but it may have been by a program) and heard a thing of. I doubted considerably one's ear is delicious then! Indeed because this person is the thing which did not feel be a vocal of that legendary rock band.
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