Title (Song name)
Good bye the human (Sayonara jinrui)
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The hit year
1990 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
A former morning coat daughter. Various argument seems to have done it the thing Natsumi Abe which was a thing of plagiarized it. Of course I did not consider it as OK even if I plagiarized it, but I overlooked it and owned an impression of ... That because "is troublesome, steal poetry of someone else" with that the person himself will "be popular if plagiarize" it || even if is blamed if thought, think that is inevitable. But I sympathize with poetry of other people, and even oneself understands a feeling to want to come to write that kind of work very well. But it is a problem to have really sent it to the world. Probably I consider it to have been a sense to make "Omadue" instead of "plagiarism" as feelings of Natsumi Abe . I do not know it whether she is a person doing any kind of way of thinking, but believe that it was an extremely pure feeling. If there were a few the wicked hearts that I will be going to make "plagiarism", I will not write the poetry that resembled so much and.
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