Title (Song name)
SAKURA drops
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Artist (Singer / Group / Unit name)
Hikaru Utada
The hit year
2002 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
Hiroshi Inaba of B'z starts the hit music that even solo called unpleasant "AKATSUKI" "far and wide". I found a homepage named a Hiroshi memorial official hotel only when I investigated it in a thing of. I think that I understand it if I have you look at this page, but, like the shop where the parents' house says "INABA cosmetics shop" of Hiroshi Inaba , a sightseeing hotel of the place and "Mt. Tsu international hotel" cooperates and seems to make such a homepage. It seems to be used as a portrait of a top page, a mark of "INABA cosmetics shop". I want to try to come to go gradually what it is when I watch this. I lend it, and terrible effectiveness of advertising may be given. There was cafe & restaurant list Waal Tsuyama, too.
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