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Kaori Mizumori
The hit year
2004 N ********** 2003 N **********
Jpop Topic
The Gannosuke Ashiya who was famous for Yamashita Kiyoshi the Artist started hit music. Of 1984 "My doughter", and is. It is the music that it sang a state of mind of father who sends a beloved daughter to a bride in. The the Gannosuke Ashiya died in April, last year. Because I watched it well since the small time, the naked general felt a lacking thing. When I went to Asakusa to eat an eel the other day if I said so, I caught sight of "fireworks of Nagaoka" of Yamashita Kiyoshi at an art gallery. It is one of a favorite picture. which I felt be a replica, but was still good.
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