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Miho Nakayama
The hit year
1988 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
There would be only the person who remembered "a movement soldier cancer dam" speaking of Amuro an age ago. When Namie Amuro appeared in a music industry, I did not feel be the real name possibly. Originally it was a member of super monkeys, but began solo activity. I "believed TRY ME ... me, and music of the turning point would be ...". This music, an artist name || Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEYS || therefore. (super monkeys are active as MAX after this as they know) and it called a topic even to have married SAM of trf which skipped hits such as "BOY MEETS GIRL" or "Survival dAnce". Will it be considerably the reason that became a topic that a difference of a year matched? I have been divorced after all. In addition, a case killed mother who lived in Okinawa was a shock.
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