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Ayumi Nakamura
The hit year
1986 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
Do you know music of "a blue chateau?" A group of Blue Comets is the song which let you make a big hit. Will not there be many people with memorizing in this blue blue blue chateau lyrics which it is surrounded in a forest and a spring, and is idle calmly? One person of a member of this blue comets, Mr. Tadao Inoue change their name with Taisuke Inoue later. It is a person singing theme song "AI-Senshi" of that "movement soldier cancer dam II" so. I am amazed to learn that AI-Senshi and Blue Comets included a connection. In addition, as for Mr. Taisuke Inoue, it seems to have been quitted life by oneself in 2000.
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