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Ayumi Hamasaki
The hit year
1999 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
There is a district program of "saku saku" which a TV station of Yokohama does. I came to Kanto and I did not miss it and watched it every day. "Took you, and skipped a hit by crying" as a guest of the program || did not Yo Hiroro, but appeared sometimes. I try to say "that that I am a strange singer, the kana that won that I say, and is", and because I compose CG, it should be strict prohibition, and "every time" wears the clothes that the truth is green, and a body is transparent, and only a face floats in a background and. It was Cara whom there was not who was not heated in little good which I aimed at whether it was what or nature. Because it was interesting for a program, it is Malle.
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