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Masaharu Fukuyama
The hit year
1995 ”N **********
Jpop Topic
I greet New Year holidays in a house of a grandfather since old days, but smell it and appear and watch red-and-white tanka game round. Grandfathers say that "all sounds like the same song" and I seem to be worthless and assume that an almost young artist appears. Because we of a grandchild feel that a Japanese popular song flows so, I think when interesting. I can praise such a grandfather occasionally. One piece of the house was "TOMORROW" of Okamoto truth night . Because it was favorite music, I was glad to have you understand it. It is easy to hear the lyrics, and it is because a message becomes clear. In particular a part to seem to "be a flower blooming to the asphalt that only number of tears can be strong" is a-lover. There was a wise remark there "was much sorrow as for the person, and to be able to be gentle to a person" in "a word to give" you of Kaien Tai (Tetsuya Takeda). As for the Okamoto truth night, Yoshiho Nakayama or Akina Nakamori can leave for a song offer to other artists. I seem to have dealt with "large Love!"of the wide end Ryoko which made a hit in 1997.
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